Why Every Plumbing Expert Recommends Dual Flush Toilets

When we talk about toilets having dual flush capabilities, they are exactly what the name states because they give users the option of choosing between two types of flushes. You may wonder why it is best to have two types of flushing options. Well, as plumbing experts describe, an additional amount of water is required to flush solids; compared to flushing urine down the toilet.

Now it is time to talk about some of the plus points of these toilets. Some mostly experienced advantages are: noticeably reduced water bills, lesser filling up of septic tanks, and longevity of the toilet used. Therefore, it is best to take a closer look at the advantages of these toilets as well.

Studies carried out have revealed that there is as much as 67% lesser water consumption reported in toilets having dual flush capabilities. As a matter of fact, some nations, such as Australia, have taken steps to pass laws that make the installation of such equipment in newer buildings a must. Similar statutes have been passed in some areas of the US, where water has become a growing concern as well.

It has not been long since the birth of this concept and is still considered to be in its infancy. Even though, this type of toilet is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas of western countries and in areas where water is a bit scares. It is amazing how popular the concept of the dual flush has become during the past few years.

There are several reasons for homeowners to choose these toilets. Growing environmental concerns, drought threats occurring throughout the world, and the downfall of economies have led homeowners to think twice about why they should switch to such a toilet. More and more companies have popped up to fill the manufacturing void as well.

Another plus point of this toilet is its innovative design and stunning appearance. Since they are relatively new to the market, and because the demand for them has been skyrocketing during the past few years, manufacturers are up to their necks in finding ways to improve these toilet designs in order to provide comfort, be aesthetically pleasing, and to be easy to operate. Due to this, these toilets now come in many cutting edge designs and include various flushing mechanisms as well.

However, the only noticeable drawback to this toilet is that it requires a state of plumbing that most people are not able to do by themselves. Therefore, when installing such a toilet, it is better to hire a professional to do it. It will ensure that your brand new water and money saver will work in the exact way it is supposed to for many years to come.

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