Why it is important to clean the deck before spring

Spring season is about to come soon. Right before you bring out your deck furniture set out, you have to ensure the deck is safe. You have to take some safety measures for your desk before you bring them out of your home for the spring and summer season heading soon

Screws, loose fasteners and nails within the deck has to be checked well before taking them out. These should be repaired before use. Look closely for Loose or rotting wood and be sure to check your railing for cracking or splitting.If you feel that everything is okay then you need to clean up your deck and get ready them for the upcoming season, but whereas for rotten or loose wood, split or cracked railing you need to fix it well before to making use of it

Deck Cleaning

Blast out the debris, using a powerful nozzle on a garden hose, and then push out remaining debris with a putty knife or a laminate scoring tool is a great tool for this job. Thoroughly scrub the surface with a sudsy mixture of water and laundry detergent, using a stiff fiber brush on a long handle.Work in small areas and rinse periodically. This may be all it takes to return much of the wood’s natural tone.

Whereas when it comes to large deck, you can go for power washer which helps you to deliver 1,2000 psi or less to blast and rinse the decking thoroughly. However this should possess a nozzle that can blow up around an arc of 25 to 40 degrees. It is important to be safer and wear goggles, and get hold of the nozzle having a distance of 6 inches above the deck’s surface and start to spray in line with the wood grain, overlapping your path.

Be careful: These strong spray can quickly remove the soft wood grain. Once the washing is over, just allow it to get dried for at least few days. Once it is dried out it will be perfect for relaxing outside your home.

Deck Refinishing

Do the cleanup process as per said above. If you have seen any sort of rotten or cracked wood on the deck repair them quickly before proceeding with any other things. Now you are ready to sand. If you don’t have any sander in your home, you can get them or hire them from hardware retail shop. You can come across several national hardware retail such as Lowe’s who provide sanders for rent. You can easily avail these sanders from them. Also you need to wear glasses and mask while working because it could protect the wood particles reaching over to you. Always apply sandpaper evenly over the surface of the furniture taking away all the old particles in it. Afterwards, we always rinse our deck again with the pressure washer to remove any dust and debris from sanding.It is necessary to dry the furniture for at least few days before painting.

You have several options when it comes to finishing products for your deck. You can either go for painting or else to stain it. Usually there are two primary types of stain available in the market, first is light tinted and second is solid. You can purchase them via hardware stores in a myriad color options to your deck and try out the colors in hidden areas to ensure whether they are the color you thought in your mind.

For continuity of color between the cans of stain you should mix them all together to make sure the color is uniform. You should also, check your local weather forecast to make sure no precipitation is predicted for at least 24 hours after application. This will prevent water damage to the finish before it has had time to dry.

Painting with the brushes over your deck seems to be easiest task to deal with , but some prefer to go for spray painting when it comes to larger decks. Moreover it is necessary to give two coating over the surface of the deck to get a beautiful appearance. This allows the wood to “soak up” the finish and for cracks and crevices to be penetrated.

There are numerous reason that needs to be focused to repair your deck. One of the main reasons is that you can enjoy the fullest with your deck for several years. If you don’t like to do it all yourself then you can “hire a Denver deck restoration company” to enhance the look and feel of the desk as it was before.

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