Why Springfield MA Tub Refinishing Is Gaining In Popularity

When it comes to bathroom remodeling jobs many homeowners have decided to forego new tubs. In Springfield MA tub refinishing is taking the place of buying new. If this service is something new to you, you’ll soon be hearing more and more about it since the process is really catching on. It’s the perfect way to take a bath from drab to fab while still keeping on budget. It ends up looking like a brand new bathtub was put in. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this great project.

In addition to refinishing you may also hear the term reglazing used when it comes to this process. Certain chemicals are used to strip the old finish, following that comes the sanding to really get rid of the old glaze. It’s important to remove it all in order to allow the new product to adhere as it should. A couple of coats of epoxy are then sprayed onto the old surface and allowed to dry. Next comes the topcoat. The topcoat protects the epoxy and gives it shine.

Each of the above coats are sprayed on in order to provide an even coating. The products used are designed to be fast drying. Even though they do dry quickly, the tub should not be used right away. Let the surface dry thoroughly in order to prevent any issues with the finished product.

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to consider doing the project themselves. While this can be a do it yourself project, it probably shouldn’t be. A homeowner is not able to buy the same products that a professional can, and it’s good that they can’t, they aren’t equipped to handle them. The products that the home owner can obtain aren’t as powerful and won’t last as long. Professionals also have the know-how to apply a smooth, glass like coating, it takes many hours of work to obtain this skill.

To what extent the covering endures relies on upon how it was finished, and how it’s administered to after the process is complete. It’s not unfathomable for it to keep going for well over 10 years. That is a considerable measure of years for not a ton of cash, which is awesome for the property owner.

One final thing that homeowners should know is how to care for it. Care is easy, wipe it down with a soft sponge. Use not gritty cleansers to avoid scratches and don’t use bleach. With the right care the new bath should last for many years.

This process is perfect for anyone on a tight budget who wants to improve the look of their bathroom. It’s also an economical option for anyone who still has the old cast iron bathtub. These tubs are super heavy which makes them difficult and expensive to remove. Reglazing lets you avoid all of that back breaking work and still get a tub that looks like it’s brand new. It’s also a great choice for those who are buying a new house and trying to save money on the renovations.

Bathtub reglazing is gaining in popularity. It offers an inexpensive way to bring a tub bath to life. No one will even know that it’s not a brand new bath, that’s how amazing it will look.

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