Wine Tasting Notes – How To Host Your Own Wine Tasting Event

As a wine and wine making enthusiast I’m also into wine tasting. I’m organizing wine tasting events and parties very regularly and I always have fun with my friends and family. It is a great way not only to spend some quality time with the loved ones but to learn about wine as well.

The first thing you need to consider when organizing a wine-tasting party is how many people to invite. Generally speaking, 8 to 12 is considered the optimum number of guests. This size group is large enough to promote spontaneous interaction and small enough to be easily manageable. Whether you telephone, email, or sent written invitations is a personal choice.

I happen to prefer sending email invitations. American Greetings has a great card site that includes “eInvites”. It’s a wonderful service where you can send invitations and your guests can simply click a button to RSVP. You can even schedule follow-up reminders.

Some wine tasting kits that you can get are designed for a solo wine expert to taste and evaluate the wine but many of them are coming with a number of glasses which allows organizing a wine tasting notes party. There’s so much to choose from. There are many different ways you can handle wine selection. One option is to consider a themed party.

Another plus is that you’re at home and you can feel totally relaxed and not carry about how you’ll be getting home. If you’ll decide to get wine tasting notes and do a wine tasting event at your home, the kit will include everything you’ll need to do that – from the wine accessories to the actual wine tasting notes.

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