Winter Dangers And Snow Retention Devices Like Snow Clips

Snow retention devices like snow clips and others can be utilized to protect people from the off chance of being caught by rooftop snow falling on them. As rare as it may sound, people are killed or injured every winter from rooftop snow and ice sliding off in heavy sheets or chunks. Thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles or other property can be avoided also by using the snow retention devices sold by companies such as TRA-Mage. Snow clips and other snow retention devices can be a good idea for many building or homeowners. We will discuss some reasons people use them, and reasons that people pass on them.

What dangers can rooftop snow present that products like snow clips could prevent? What are the benefits that snow retention products offer home or building owners who choose to install them? What reasons might someone not want to install these devices? We will talk about the answers to these questions below.

During the winter of 2010, two men in Colorado were killed by rooftop snow. The men were outside the cabin they were staying in when a large sheet of snow slid off the roof all at once and buried them. In 2012, a man was trapped in (and fortunately rescued from) his car after it was crushed by rooftop snow. These unfortunate incidents are not the only ones that show why rooftop snow retention can be a serious issue. Each winter snow and ice can accumulate in large sheets or chunks that can slide off and injure people or damage property. So obviously, snow clips and other snow retention products from companies such as TRA-Mage are important to think about.

Building owners should have a plan and prepare to prevent such incidents. Whether they opt to go with regular manual snow removal from the rooftop, or whether they install snow retention tools, owners can protect people and property. Snow retention devices are most helpful for property owners with heavily angled rooftops and those roofs finished with materials such as tile, metal, or slate. Snow clips can make snow and ice melt off safely by breaking large chunks into smaller, less-dangerous ones.

People who live in areas that rarely get snow, are likely not reading to this point. People who have flat rooftops also do not typically need snow retention, but have to deal with the hassle of snow removal instead. Some people, however, have not as good excuses to avoid snow retention mechanisms. Perhaps there are some who avoid them because they don’t fit the appearance of a home or building. Others may think they’re too expensive. Either way, any home or building owner that gets snow should probably at least consider how to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

While snow clips from companies such as TRA-Mage or others might not solve all winter issues, they can at least protect some from some winter perils.

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