Credit and quick fixes don’t mix

by Ricardo Mendiola

If you find yourself way over your head when you start looking into credit repair, you may not be alone. It is very easy to ruin your credit score, but not quite as easy climbing your way back up. Credit is built on the foundation of trust, and you know the saying that building trust once you have lost it is hard, well, unfortunately credit is the same way.

Depending on what type of credit situation you are in, this option might be quite enticing as some people are facing immediate credit situations that are affecting their futures and/or the accumulation of a debt that looks like it will never get low enough to manage again. You may even decide to try one of these quick fix methods to get your credit repair started and completed in one step. DON’T.

The credit repair ads may sounds enticing, and like a great value for their money, but as clever as the ad and slogans may be, that’s only because the creators of these programs have little else to worry about. The simple truth is that almost any of these are scammer situations, and there are millions of consumers tempted just as you who can prove it to you.

The good news is, if the lawyer can see a viable financially way for you to perform credit repair, that you have missed, he may be able to advise you to hold off on bankruptcy and how to proceed from here in order to start repairing your credit. He also might be able to direct in you a better direction then throwing in the towel. Which is why you have landed at this step in the first place, because you were not aware of your options.

If you do not believe this, you are welcome to try one of the many scams on the internet that will welcome you into their credit repair world, but you are only going to end up with less money (which since you are in debt you cannot afford) or in legal trouble. There’s a scenario you probably may not have imagined, no matter how much money you owe.

Many times, the credit repair solutions that a scammer will offer you in return for your money is advice on how to create a new fresh credit score for yourself. While this may seem like a breath of fresh air and a welcome opportunity, what they will not mention to you is that it is illegal. Should you decide to go ahead and do this, you not only will succeed in adding on much more debt to your nice pile you currently have accumulated, but you will eventually get caught and be sentenced to prison and/or huge fines for committing credit fraud. Probably not what you had in mind when you were looking for a fast solution.

There simply is no quick route or method for credit repair purposes. The only way you can start to repair your credit is the honest hardworking way, by starting to consolidate your debt and by getting back on track with your payments. If you can manage to cut a hole in the amount of debt you have, and start paying your bills on time, you will see your score go back up. It may take awhile, but it sure beats the alternatives.

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