Cutting Extras Can Add Up Your Savings

by William Blake

In our modern culture, people tend to feel as if they absolutely must own every single new product that arrives on the market. The truth, though, is that most of all of those cool new gadgets are completely unnecessary for life and really amount to nothing more than an extra expense for you. You can save yourself hundreds or quite possibly even thousands of dollars each and every year by eliminating some of these money wasting extra expenses.

Cancel your phone. Many people pay to have access to both a cell phone and a land line each month. To save yourself some money, decide which one you want to keep and get rid of the other one. Make your decision by comparing how much certain features of each plan cost, like local calls, long distance calls, and call waiting.

Choose whichever one is the best deal and fits your overall needs. If you cut the land line you could save around $50 each month. Getting rid of cell phones could easily double that amount (and it would mean that you COULDN’T be found all the time in all places).

Dedicated or high speed Internet services can also be cancelled or adjusted. If you do not need high speed Internet at your house for anything more than checking emails and playing games, you can downgrade your service to a less fast but better priced plan. Making this adjustment could very well save you another fifty dollars monthly.

When the need to use a high speed Internet connection does arise, you can use the Internet at a place where it is provided to the public, such as at many libraries.

Cancel your cable. If your family can get rid of cable television entirely, you will be saving time in addition to money. If you cannot completely eliminate cable TV, you can at least switch to the lowest priced monthly plan. Some people claim that you will eventually be able to choose which channels you want to have access to and pay per channel instead of having to buy an entire package.

Cancel subscriptions to magazines and do not get any more. Instead of cluttering up your house with lots of expensive magazines, you can borrow books from the library in your area for free.

Saving money is easy when you identify some extra expenses that can be eliminated. Cutting costs and saving money can actually become quite addictive, especially when you see the results in your bank account.

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