Darker Times Will Not Make Brighter Americans

We’re all for staying levelheaded even after the Republicans in the country as a whole suffered a massive electoral defeat in 2012 that only enhanced the Democrats’ power in Washington, D.C.

But we also need to face reality, and a picture that in certain fundamental ways grows darker every day, just as the Bible said it would for now.

Some political pundits are proffering hope that after President Obama’s re-election, the economic situation will intensify once again and things will certainly get so bad that even the uninformed masses who voted for him two times finally will reevaluate their support for him. They’re figuring this will certainly lead to GOP triumph in the 2016 presidential election.

We think they’re wrong. And we’re preparing our clients for a progressively tough future that will certainly happen if Obama continues to take the nation down a financial rat hole.

Unfortunately, Americans resemble people everywhere– they are like sheep. In voting to declare one of the worst incumbent presidents in U.S. history back into power, they clearly demonstrated that they are intellectually and spiritually confused.

This means that there is little, if any, hope, that even a badly worsening economy from here – underscoring the wrongheadedness of Obama’s ideology and policies – will send an effective wake-up call to the masses of taxpayers whom the president already has fooled twice.

The opinion of political pundits is not worth much. The only brilliant decision for American taxpayers and capitalists is to assume that our economy and our nation will experience an increasing decay and that, having made that decision in November, individuals indeed will continue to act like sheep.

During these times, only God’s Money will stand the test of time. We can help you invest wisely in precious metals, gold and silver. It’s the only sure way to steel your household against the next stupid decision by the Obama administration and the blind obeisance of its supporters.

Want to find out more about gold and silver, or visit Anne Trimble’s site to read her candid autobiography Faith Through The Flames.

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