DIY credit repair vs. professional credit aid

by Ricardo Mendiola

If you like many other people have found yourself with not so perfect credit, take heart, because you are not alone. You will be alone however if you choose to ignore the importance of credit repair, because in the end you will not have anything left or any future to work towards. The modern world that we live in today is based on credit, and if you lost it, you are going to need to work hard to start to get it back.

No doubt, if you find yourself reading up on credit repair, you probably need it yourself as your less than great credit is hindering your ability to find a decent job or move to a new home. It may also be as a result to finding out that the school of your child’s dreams just accepted them, but you cannot get the loan needed because your credit is bad.

Whatever the reason you have decided that you need credit repair, like everything else you want to get it over as painlessly and quickly as possible so that it never interferes with your life again. Bad news, there is no such thing. Although you can ruin your credit pretty quickly by defaulting on a few loans or amassing a significant amount of debt in just a small amount of time, the road to fixing it just is not so smooth.

Most likely, if you have a low credit score, the first thing you need to do in your credit repair manifesto is get yourself back on track by practicing good financial habits. Start by paying your bills on time. Not a day late, bit during their grace periods, but on time. The punctuality of how you pay your bills actually comprises 50% of your credit score; this is not an area to play around with.

Curious? Here’s the reason why the Internet offerings are not legitimate routes to fast credit repair. Scammers know their audience and work off the emotions of a common problem facing society and culture. Viruses caused by spyware, scammers create viruses that pretend to be fixing the problem and charge you money to ruin your computer. People are insecure about their weight, so there is now a million dollar diet industry out of which maybe one or two diets actually have merit.

A professional credit repair agent is first going to help you by consolidating your debt from credit cards and misc loans into one payment that you are responsible for monthly. They not only will manage to get the total amount down a little, (yes there are ways if you know the law) they are going to get them into one place so you only have to pay one bill and its set at a lower interest rate with a manageable monthly balance due that you can make.

A credit repair professional can help you start to consolidate your debt into one simple payment instead of five different bills that all have late fees attached. They also can help you lower your overall debt as they know some tricks of the trade that can help get your final total down and make your monthly payments manageable for you.

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