Credit Repair – What You Can Do

by Ricardo Mendiola

If you have bad credit it is important to get it repaired. There are many things you can do to repair your credit. You can repair your credit by going to a credit repair agency or you can do it yourself. Either way, you are making a good decision toward a better financial situation for you and your family.

There are many credit repair agencies out there that are designed to help you with your credit. They are non-profit organizations setup to give you credit counseling and advice to help you pay off your debts. Some of these businesses will work with you to consolidate your debts so you can make one easy payment on your credit. For many people this is the right solution for them. It provides a manageable way to get your credit scores at an acceptable level.

Choosing a credit repair agency may be your best solution if you find that your credit seems to be too out of control to handle. You also may not have the time in your busy schedule to work with every creditor also. An agency can help you repair your credit and they will do all of the interaction with your creditors. You can repair your credit on your own. No one has to hire a company to help them with their credit. These agencies are there to help. Repairing your credit on your own is simple to do and you can do it.

Once you have all three reports you need to verify that everything on the report is current and up to date. If your name has changed due to a marriage you should update it. Address information and phone number updates can increase your score a full point on your credit. It would be a shame to be denied on a car loan because of one point that you could have had if your contact information was incorrect. In addition to updating proper information you will need to dispute any items on your reports that are not really your debts. You will do this by writing letters to the bureaus for each item.

Another thing you can consider when you want to repair your credit is that you can get a consolidation loan to pay it off. Many people consider consolidation loans when they are in debt in large amounts. This will pay off all of your debt at once, which looks great on your credit. Then you will have one easy monthly payment that you have to make to pay off the consolidation loan. This is a great idea but you must pay off this loan.

Repairing your credit is easy. It will take a commitment from you to finish paying off your debts. Once you start the process you should not stop because you think your scores are at a good enough level. Pay off all of your debts the best you can because your scores will be higher and you will have a better quality of life.

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