?How to Calculate the Home Equity Loan Rate in Hawaii

by William Blake

In most cases, homeowners who have decided that they would like to refinance their homes have a very difficult time figuring out just what the home equity loan rate is in their state. The shear number of lending agencies that now exist do not make things any easier. This article will help you learn both the correct and incorrect way to find the home equity loan rate in Hawaii.

The Attorney General’s Website

The Attorney General

One of the first places anyone looking to find the current Hawaii home equity loan rate should look is online, on the website of the attorney general’s office in your state. The attorney general’s office is required to keep information regarding all interest rates currently being charged in their state.

The interest rates that each lending agencies chooses to charge can be found and thus compared when you look for the information the attorney general has made public regarding lenders in his or her state. Taking note of the current home equity loan rates on the attorney general’s website will help you protect yourself from lenders who prey on people who are trying to refinance their homes, whether these be lenders in your local area or on the Internet.

The Consumer Protection Agency

After you have investigated the attorney general’s website, your search for Hawaii’s home equity loan rate continues with the Consumer Protection Agency. This agency keeps track of which lenders are already known to take advantage of borrowers. They also report the current interest rates being charged in the entire United States.

Checking the CPA database to see if your chosen lender is listed will not only help you to be certain that you are getting charged no more than the current Hawaii home equity loan rate; but will also help you to protect yourself from unscrupulous lenders who may otherwise take advantage of your need to refinance.

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