It’s Your Money – Simple Ways To Keep More of It

by Stephanie Moore

Life should be enjoyed, but it is hard to have a good time when most of your hard earned money is spent in playing catch-up
But there are ways you can improve your financial situation and still have some good times. Another bonus is it can help alleviate you stress levels and actually improve your health.
With just a little planning and discipline you can save thousands of dollars by adjusting your everyday expenses.

Ideas to Consider:


Never purchase an automobile less than two years old. The value of new cars depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot.
First pay off one car loan before you finance a second vehicle.

Don’t buy impulsively. Shop around and pick out a dependable vehicle with a good resale value.
Only get a vehicle you actually need. Do you really need a $40,000 truck for trips to the hardware store when you can rent a truck for $20 per hour.

Figure out all of your expenses before purchasing a vehicle. Down payment, monthly payments, insurance, gas, oil, tune ups,and the necessary garage visits to keep up the manufacturers warranty.
Rather than take your aging car on a long road trip, consider renting one. It will save ware and tear on your day-to-day vehicle and if trouble should happen, you’ll have a backup car available from the rental company.

Shop around for the best Insurance rates.
Consider increasing your deductible – you will have a smaller monthly payment.
Do you really need full coverage for that older vehicle?
Ask if your insurance company offers lower rates if you pay in advance.

Shop around for fuel prices.
Use public transportation whenever possible.
Save money and time by combining your shopping trips, and don’t schedule them during busy traffic times.

Walk, or bike to whenever possible.
Ride share with other workers and your friends.
Keep your car tuned.

Eating Out

Limit how often you go out to expensive restaurants.
Use coupons. Eat out earlier in the day instead of the higher priced dinner hours.

Find a locally owned restaurant with specials.
Split a meal.
Order only what you want.
Don’t go out to eat when you’re very hungry. You will end up spending more money.

Home Savings

Winterize / summerize your home to help prevent heat loss/gain.
Keep your heating thermostat no higher than 65F in the winter and the air conditioner to no lower than 75F in the summer.
Take short showers.
Use cold water when washing your clothes whenever possible.

Close all the doors to rooms not being used. Close the heating/ air conditioner vents in those rooms.
Use your grill in the summer and oven in the winter.
Install water saving devices in your yard and home.
Plant your yard with native plants. Generally, they will require much less water and attention.
Get some exercise and sweep your walks and driveway, instead of using a water hose or an electric blower.


How many cable channels do you really need? Why pay for channels you’ll never watch? Try out Net Flicks and rent movies instead of rushing out to see the newest release.
Go to the movies during the lower priced matinee hours
Go for a walk, hike or a picnic. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
Instead of subscribing to a magazine, read it at your local library or on the internet.

Buy used books.
Go to the movies during the low priced matinee hours.
Rent certain items instead of buying. Recreational gear for instance can be rented for much less than it would cost to buy them and you do not have to worry about storage.


Don’t spend extravagant amounts on a trendy items that will rapidly go out of style.
Wait for items to go on sale.
Shop for quality. It is better to have fewer clothes that you really like and look good in, than a wardrobe full of stuff you’ll lose interest in.

Buy in quantity, the basics if you find a good deal, such as on socks.
You can pick up great bargains at the end of the season specials.
Buy clothing that is easy to care for, check the labels.
Don’t shop on impulse or emotional reasons.

Shopping is not an entertainment.
Bargain shop, compare prices, check out consignment stores, thrift stores, garage sales and online sales.

These few money saving ideas will not cramp your style too much, but they are just little things you can easily do that will add up to significant savings throughout the year.

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