The Best Way How to Rebuild Credit

by Hayden Fryar

Having good credit is very important today because you need good credit to buy a house, a car or even to get a decent job. With bad credit, you will get high interest rates on your loans and some employers will reject your application. You need to know how to rebuild credit so that you can borrow cheap and repair your credit score yourself instead of having to pay credit repair companies to do it for you.

The first step of how to rebuild credit is understanding credit report, credit score and what credit bureaus consider when setting your credit and calculating your credit score. You need to look at your credit report and see if the credit bureaus have reported anything that could be viewed as negative. To rebuild your credit, you need to get rid of any negative marks on your credit report one by one and in many cases over a long period of time.

There are many reasons why someone’s credit might be bad. Late payment is a big reason for bad credit. If someone consistently pays late then creditors can report it to the credit bureaus and that person will have credit report that shows late payments. Too many late payments will lower your credit score. So, if you have late payments on your credit report and they are true, then try pay them on time. If they are not true and you never paid anything late, then contact the credit bureaus and dispute.

Knowing how to rebuild credit is to know all the different factors that are important to credit bureaus when calculating your credit score as well as what are not so important. Debt, for example, is not as important as the debt to credit line ratio. Having a lot of debt is not necessarily bad for your credit if you have a large credit line to lower your debt to credit line ratio.

There are some credit problems that are larger than others. A person who went through a foreclosure, a bankruptcy, a repossession, for example, can have very bad credit and disparately needs to learn how to rebuild credit. While it is harder to rebuild credit from such credit-destroying events, it is not impossible. However, it takes efforts and a longer time to rebuild credit in these circumstances.

There are many ways of how to rebuild credit after foreclosure or bankruptcy but the basic principles remain the same. You have to start showing on your credit report that you are once again responsible and can pay off new debts that you incur. You need to find a way to get a credit line such as a secured credit line or a secured credit card and consistently pay them off.

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