General Information Regarding Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is an American health program for certain families and people that have low resources and incomes. It is jointly funded by federal and state governments but managed on a state level and involves means tests. This program serves children, people with disabilities and adults with low income that are American citizens or legal residents. Medicaid planning is a service needed by some individuals.

Although this program is designed to help poor people, poverty is not the only requirement for this type of aid. Medicaid is a major source for health and medical services for people with low incomes. This program was created as an entitlement for states that needed help providing medical coverage for residents with low incomes or who fit the other requirements. Essentially, the program acts as health insurance coverage for those who do not have much money or assets.

Planning is needed by some people. Ideal candidates are individuals with moderate assets and incomes that have long-term care needs but are unable to use what they have to pay off all the costs. State provisions might make the process more difficult for people to receive this aid. In these cases, professional attorneys and advisors can lend their expertise and help correct the inequities keeping their clients from getting this financial support.

There are some people who abuse this program and planning. That is, people who have high incomes, assets or resources but deliberately cheat the system to qualify for government support. There are, however, people with no intent to cheat the system. These individuals are unable to pay out of pocket for long-term care and are frustrated that they cannot get the necessary support from the program.

Congress and Medicaid Services are responsible for putting together the basic rules involving operation. However, each state has a program and eligibility will vary. In some programs, applicants will not be issued coverage because programs do not offer aid to those who do not fit within a specific eligibility, even if they are poor.

Each category of eligibility has its own requirements. The rules may include, but are not limited to pregnancy, income, age, disability, assets, age, citizenship status and resources. By law, individuals who apply for this program are required to present proof that they are a resident alien or a legal US citizen. This rule does not apply in certain cases, particularly with Emergency Medicaid, which applies to disabled and pregnant individuals.

Numerous strategies may be employed by professionals who offer these services. It is best to hire a professional for this task because they are more informed of the ins and outs of the program. When successful, they can help clients receive the support they need to cover the costs of care.

Medicaid planning is not a necessity for everyone. There are people who have the money to support them in these situations and there are those who have very little and qualify under several requirements. Regardless, these services are available through many professionals.

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