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by W. Kim

It is not only investors but also residents who are in search of West Los Angeles condominiums. Certainly along with its famous attractions there is plenty of businesses situated in this area of Los Angeles and so relocating to this part of the country is something seriously worth considering.

Certainly during 2006 and 2007 more condos were sold than single family homes not just in West Los Angeles but in the county as a whole. Even as real estate markets begun to dip there is evidence to show that some condos still sold for more than $5 million. Plus it was also discovered that in 2007 59% of all new home sales that took place in Los Angeles County were made up of condos.

The reason why so many people are selecting to buy condos in either West or Downtown Los Angeles is because they have good transport links to the business district of the city. For many people the journey from home to work and then back again each day is only a short one.

Even though there is some traditional housing within West Los Angeles this not only costs more but is much older and costs more to maintain. Nowadays any property that is demolished will then be replaced with high rise developments to provide more living space for more people wishing to live in this part of the city. The main residential areas of West Los Angeles are situated between Barrington and Wilshire and place people in close proximity the business district.

Although a West Los Angeles condominium does cost less than a traditional home, because of them located close to the business district of Los Angeles these do tend to cost more than in other parts of the city.

For many couples today rather than buying their own condominium they prefer to rent. Certainly although they are renting their West Los Angeles condominium they still get the benefits that those who own them do. Namely they are not concerned with the upkeep of the external and common areas of the property. Plus it is your landlord who is concerned with the upkeep of the property internally. So if whether choosing to buy or rent a West Los Angeles condominium it is worth spending some time looking at what is available and what falls within your budget before making a decision.

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