I Want To Invest In Real Estate

by BoNo Pj

Real estate investment is both fun and exciting. Ans it is almost a guarantee profit if you make the right choice.

Both the houses and commercial real estate prices just keep going up.

Nothing is a sure investment. However, real estate investment is still one of the most surest thing.

I first got involved in real estate investing accidentally. I was renting a warehouse with some friends when the landlord suddenly decided he wanted to sell it.

The owner is having problem making ends meet and decided to sell his place. We took the offer and bought the place.

Pulling the money together was tough but we did it in the end.

Although the area was depressed at the time, there was an urban renewal program that was bringing more money into the city. Soon, our warehouse artists space was worth a fortune.

My friends wanted to stay there, but after a couple of years I get sick of living there. I decided to sell my share in the place and invest my money somewhere else.

Naturally, I took the money to real estate investing. It was something that I am familiar with.

I invested in new construction downtown, buying a small share in a large commercial space. It cost me a lot of money, but I was getting checks from them every month.

I was confident that I could break even within the first year – it did.

Many do not know that you need not own the whole property to invest in real estate.

You can actually buy a small share. This is actually a very good way to invest.

The good thing is that you need not be responsible as it does not take alot to buy part of the shares.

You can also diversify your portfolio, buying a piece of a lot of different properties in different areas.

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