Investing In Silver Coins

So you have decided to invest in silver coins, however how do you know which is the best option, or which option to pick if they all seem comparable? Well, there are many factors leading up to this decision, but just remember to always do research in advance to make sure that the product you settle on is one that will best help the needs of your portfolio later. For instance, some products may be lower in purity than others, and it is important to recognize and know this, to ensure that you avoid common mistakes and buy the product that you want and need.

For many buyers around the world interested in investing in the silver coin, the silver eagle is a top choice. One reason is that it is a product of the US Mint and backed by the US government, and they have been in high demand since their creation in 1986. Just recently, a huge surge in orders make the 2013 version backlogged for a few weeks in January. In some cases, supply cannot always necessarily keep up with demand, so this leads to periods where silver eagle coins can’t be found very easily or in very large numbers.

The United States is not the only nation who offers this type of coin though, and you have a number of other options that you can choose from as well. In the past the Philharmonic issued by Austria in this bullion was considered the most popular but that changed in recent years. It is not that these items are less revered but that the eagle is more popular because of the government that is backing the currency.

Canada prints the Maple Leaf coin, which is another incredibly popular choice when it comes to investing in 1oz. silver bullion coins. They are produced in much smaller amounts than the US version of the silver coin, thusly making them highly desirable to many investors and collectors. In the past, the Maple Leaf could only be found in fractional sizes, however recently, Canada has started to mint only the 1 oz. version.

China produces the silver panda coin, Australia mints the lunar series, and Mexico makes the Libertad, all also common choices of investment when it comes to silver bullion. Australia is also known, however, for the Kookaburras and Koala coins, which aren’t pure silver but do contain the precious metal. All of these options can typically be found at reasonable prices, so spending around $50 or less is normal. However, make sure you do thorough research to ensure that you are getting the product you truly desire.

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