Investment real estate in jackson mississippi

by Jesse Davis

I have been wholsaling houses for a long time and right now is the best time I have ever seen to pick up some absolute steals in Jackson MS

If you live in the area I can easily help you find the properties you are looking for. I have a stellar reputation in business. One must have a phenomenal reputation when doing business or you will watch your business go down in flames. By being a good business person, your name will get you jobs by word of mouth, clients, and more.

I like to do things different from other investors. I make money off of selling volume their for I the profit for the end investors. that is why I have been able to sell well over 60 properties in 7 months.

If someone wants me to purchase the property and do the rehab of fixing up the house I will. Let’s say you do not have the contacts. I am actually going to go in there and do the rehab with my contacts. I will give you a set price. I will show you what will be done and what the cost is. That is the price right there. No hidden costs. If I miss something then I will have it fixed and it will come out of my pocket. If I say a price, that is the price it is. Some investors are not willing to do that. They will give you the price. Into the process, the investor may find a hidden cost and pass that onto your wallet.

one time I had to come out of pocket 5k because of a mistake but I stuck to my word and never asked the investor for a dime because I made that mistake. I usually am close however since I have rehabbed over 20 houses in 6 months alone I am pretty good at it now.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my coustomers happy.

If you are looking for great wholesale deals in Jackson, Mississippi. I am the man to work with. I have alot of knowledge of this market and investing in general and will be happy to help anyone who ask

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