Silver Dollars: Which Ones Are Most Valuable?

When it comes to silver dollars some are much more valuable than others. There are many different specimens that can be found, and some may be common while others are considered quite rare. The condition of the coin is also important, because one that has never been circulated and that is in perfect condition will be worth far more than one that is worn or damaged. The design and minting year are also important, and the facility that produced the item is very relevant to the value that it has.

The Bust design was one of the earliest designs, produced from 1794-1803. It is one of the hardest to find today. Because it is so rare, the coin will generally fetch a minimum of $600 today and those coins in good condition may go for considerably more. These coins will most often be sold at auction because they are so rare.

The next design produced after the Bust was the Seated Liberty. This one was produced from 1840 to 1873. This design is also very rare and because so few were created originally, they are extremely hard to find today. Many of the coins were melted down to create new currency. A silver dollar in good condition with the Seated Liberty design could easily sell for $200 or more.

Morgans were minted from 1878 until 1921, and these are one of the top favorites for collectors and coin enthusiasts. Common specimens can be found at most dealers and online shops that specialize in these products, and they are usually affordable even with a smaller budget. Some of these may be very rare though and could be worth as much as $6,000-$7,000 for the right year, mint mark, and condition.

In 1921, the Peace design was introduced. This was also the last year that the Morgan design was produced. The Peace design was around until 1934. This design may not have the appeal of earlier coins, it is still an excellent choice for investors and collectors because it contains 90% pure silver. Any silver dollar made before 1961 will usually contain 90% silver, but coins produced after that will usually only have 40% purity. A 1934 S in excellent condition could be valued at over $1200 now.

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