Balboa Park in San Diego

There is so much to see in sunny San Diego, California. Awesome beaches, a world-famous zoo, museums, shopping, and so much more can be found. One of the most famous spots is Balboa Park.

This park is actually one of the oldest recreational spots on the west coast. It is made up of 1,200 acres, that are a veritable playground for visitors and residents. Balboa is the largest park in the city.

While it shares the name of an iconic Hollywood character, Balboa Park is not named after Rocky Balboa. What it is, however, is a park with many plants and groves, featuring trees and bushes that are drought tolerant, to look very lively even with San Diego’s warm and sometimes dry climate.

The Desert Cactus Garden and The Inez Grant Park Memorial Rose Garden are just a few of the smaller areas into which Balboa Park’s vegetation has been divided. And besides these areas, there are other spots that provide shade and comfort for people looking to have a time out!

Visitors who have had a long day seeing the sights will often enjoy taking a load off in one of these gardens. But there are even more great attractions in store for them.

The Old Globe Theatre makes its home in Balboa Park. This famous location is one of San Diego’s most prestigious theatres, and has been fashioned as a replica of the Globe Theatre made famous by William Shakespeare. The Old Globe is one of San Diego’s most loved destinations.

The reason the Old Globe was constructed was for the Californai Pacific International Exposition in 1935. Actors put on 50-minute renditions of plays written by famous playwrights. Oddly enough, the theatre was not expected to survive, and was destined to be demolished after its purpose had been served. Luckily, the San Diego Community Theatre came to its rescue, and the theatre lives on, and has become a powerhouse among American theatres.

San Diegans are very proud of Balboa Park, and always want to show it off to their guests. Its convenient location, nestled between Downtown, Hillcrest and North Park, make it an easy stop.

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