So You Want To Become A Stock Trader – How To Get Started

by Carl G. Robertts

Imagine for if you will, the freedom that becoming stock trader can bring you. Often times thoughts of placing trades from your notebook computer while in some beautiful remote location may fill your head. The truth is these are the same types of thoughts that attracted me to the stock trading lifestyle.

As you look around for ways to start becoming a stock trader it may all seem a bit confusing at first. As you learn more you will be able to weed out those stock trading offers that seem too good to be true.

There are of course different types of stock traders, but in general a stock trader is a person who buys and sells stocks in order to make a profit. Anyone from the stock trading hobbyists to the full-time professional stock trader may consider themselves to be a stock trader.

Stock trading in your spare time is a good option as a way to start. Jumping in as a full-time stock trader usually require a pretty sizable cash cushion to keep you afloat until you learn the ropes.

A stock trader may be considered different than an investor as stock traders are more prone to use short-term stock trading methods rather than longer-term “buy and hold” types of methods, which investors use.

Preparation is a very important part in getting started as a stock trader. As with any business it makes good sense to have a plan. The first part of your plan, for instance, may be to further educate yourself and learn more about stock trading.

There are numerous courses and lessons available on the Internet as well as a number of excellent books in libraries and bookstores. I’ve prepared a number of lessons for you, along with some additional resources to help you get started.

The key to getting started here is to take your time and practice your trading on paper before you commit any real funds. When you do decide to use real money in trading, make sure that you keep the amount conservative until you get your feet wet and see that your stock trading methods are generating a profit.

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