A Look At Federal Estate Tax Lawyers

by Jeffrey Maseko

We all have a responsibility to pay the federal government taxes each year, but there are individuals and companies that do not believe this refers to them. When this is carried out by a person or firm then they are committing a criminal act as laid down by the law in America. Perpetrators can be punished severely for this type of offence as it can have serious consequences on the running of government. Most often these so called ‘clean crimes’ are carried out by what are considered respectable people that have not been in trouble with the law in the past.

Although there are many aspects to Tax Fraud, some of the offences are more serious than others with tax evasion at the top of the list and someone forgetting or late with their tax return at the bottom. When situations like this occur, a tax fraud lawyer is employed to help individuals and companies accused of this offence.

A person must not mistake a tax lawyer with a tax fraud lawyer as their purpose is different and their services are generally employed just to protect their clients tax interests if they have been accused of fraud. There are two situations where a person or firm will seek their help; when they suspect their affairs are being looked into by the IRS or where they have been formally charged with the offence of tax fraud. Though the issue is morally wrong, tax fraud lawyers work on ways to negotiate with tax authorities and help their clients legally evade taxes to a limited extent and mitigate their situation with regard to the charge of tax fraud.

Strangely, not all cases of tax fraud are carried out with intent to defraud the government but are done in ignorance of tax laws. Sometimes tax consultants misguide their clients with contradictory tax plans, which ultimately results in unplanned tax evasion.

If an attorney proves that his client is the innocent victim of wrong tax advice by some tax consultants, it’s likely that the charges against them might get dropped or a lenient sentence might be passed. It is very important to select tax consultants carefully as only those with proper industry certifications and detailed exposure to such cases can help people solve what can be tricky situations with the IRS.

The most common method adopted by tax fraud lawyers to get relief for their clients is by convincing the tax authorities that prosecuting the defaulter will do more harm than good and would not fetch them the recoverable tax dues. When this line of reasoning is well presented, the authorities might settle for a compromise by accepting payments in installments or waiving off a part of the tax dues instead of prosecuting them.

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