How to sell Structured Settlement for cash.

by FrankReCouper

Selling your structured settlements can be frustrating . Who do I sell to? Can I trust the company? How do I get the best quote? Your have questions and doubts. I can offer you some advice.

Who do I sell to? I would start by search the internet. Choose a least three companies small, medium and large.

The larger company may not offer the best price because they have a hugh advertising budget and overhead.

The medium company may give you the best quote. They have private investors many times who are willing to buy the payments for a premium. They depend on brokers, have a small staff and have little overhead.

The smallest company maybe one master broker who sell to the large company or investor. You may or may not get the best quote here. Service may be slower.

Will I get cheated? Who do I trust?

You are protected by the law. Now all payment sales have to have court orders. So not to worry.. Only a couple of states don’t have court orders, but loans are made and you have state and federal loan laws to protect you.

How do I get the a good quote?

Do your homework and read articles like this one. Talk to different brokers or companies till you feel comfortable with someone. Ask lots of questions, trust your gut feeling It will take about two to four months to complete the sale depending on what state you live in and how busy the courts are.

I hope all goes well. Best of luck.

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