Looking for a quick fix to solve your credit problems?

by Ricardo Mendiola

Since over half of the population has a credit score that teeters below the good line, with many people settling in at the “fair” line, or even worse, it’s no wonder that there are so many Internet scams for credit repair aimed at taking these people’s money. You do not want that person to be you, especially if you are one of these people, you really cannot afford to spend money on a scam that will not hurt you.

Why? Because credit can affect your entire life, and if you are already doing well and avoiding the need for credit repair, chances are good that with a few tips you can stay on the up side of the coin. Having good credit is not as simple as winning a coin toss, so you need to take the few skills you have been utilizing that is keeping you financially stable and sharpen these skills so that you continue to stay that way.

This is not so hard to believe, as Internet scams are as frequent as the daily mail delivery. All there needs to be is one person who hooks onto an idea that will get people where they need them as easy prey, and credit repair is one of those areas. It’s a sensitive issue because it can be so detrimental to your future. Which is probably why you are searching for the fastest fix, but there simply is not one that substitutes for time and hard work.

Creating a new credit record is not credit repair, it is the quick and cheap way to try and start again, and it’s also credit fraud. Credit fraud is a federal offense and punishable in the same manner as any other federal offense, prison time and/or fines. This is not a place you want to be in. Fundamentally, there are even more problems besides jail with considering this as an option.

Therefore, you have to make sure that when you teeter on the edge of credit repair, you fall to the more promising side. People often do not realize the need of paying their bills on time, but in the eyes of the creditors or service providers you use this is an essential, which is why they will turn you over to credit service scorers if you continually fall short. No, it’s not big business looking to keep you down, think of it this way, if your boss promised to pay you every week, and every month skipped at least once promising he will catch up, would you be very happy?

Probably not, and that’s why people who continually skip payments receive lower credit skills and are in need of credit repair, because they are not holding up their side of the contract. Just a hint, not every company has a grace period. You may think they do, but oftentimes the grace period simply means how long until you get a late charge, not how long until you get a bad marking on your credit history.

The best route to start your credit repair is to start with debt consolidation which a professional can help you with. This way you compile all your debt into one place at a manageable payment rate, so that you start decreasing your debt and you stop making late payments, both of these things will help you build that score back up.

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