MSI Credit Solutions presents: There is no quick way to fix your credit

by There is another reason to avoid credit repair scams online, because some of them could end up with you behind bars. That’s right, they will actually give you tips how to evade the law and create a new credit record instead of working on repairing the one you have. This is not helping to eliminate any debt on your behalf, and if you get caught, you are guilty of credit fraud, a federal offense.

Free credit repair is everywhere in our faces, and not just on the TV ads that seem to play five a sitcom hour anymore. For people who have healthy credit, like you perhaps, it may lead you to start wondering how much truth there is behind keeping your credit healthy and how you can prevent yourself from being on the other side of the population, that is looking for credit repair.

Here’s the simple truth, there is no quick fix credit repair method of solution no matter what the internet ads tell you. People want so badly to believe they can fix their credit quickly, that they will virtually try anything, and the Internet scammers know this. Therefore, know this ahead of time so you don’t end up with an emptier wallet and nothing to show for it.

This is not even mentioning the fact that since your credit score is on the low side, you probably do not have the money to be experimenting with this risky behavior in regards to credit repair. If you want help fixing your credit you really need to consider using that money to hire a professional credit agency so that you know the result is going to work, even if it does take more time.

Pay your bills on time. That’s it, all you need to do. It may simple enough, but there may be a few ways you are messing up and that’s why you need credit repair. Either, you are lazy or disorganized, (there really is no excuse for this, get a calendar and stick to it) or you misunderstand the principle of a grace period. Not every company has a grace period, and some companies will still report you to the credit bureau even if you are within a grace period. The grace period is meant to let you catch up with out late fees or a disruption in service, not without a consequence.

When you make an agreement to purchase a service or make payments on a loan, you are being given the cash or products in exchange for a signed contract that guarantees you will pay. This is a symbol of trust between you and your creditor. When you are late on that payment, you are breaking your side of the trust factor, and thus future creditors are warned or you when your credit score drops and you are suddenly in the credit repair zone.

If you can handle reducing your debt by reducing the expenses you don’t need, such as cable, designer clothing, weekend dinners out etc this is a great start in credit repair. Many times people are capable of correcting their outstanding debt on their own by living a little less large and a little more responsible.

For people with fair credit, who are looking into credit repair to drop their interest rates, you should simply start paying your bills on time, and if you are short on cash, that means dropping the extras, cable, dinners out, etc. This is going to go a long way towards reducing your debt and raising your credit score all in one.

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