Rapid Collection Agency

by JR Rooney

I’m sure every business owner has asked him/her self, what can I do if my customers won’t pay me? Do I hire an in-house person, my accountant, an Attorney? The most cost efficient and effective method is a Debt Collection Company.

One such collection agency is Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. Rapid Recovery is a Full Service, Attorney Based Debt Collection Agency serving clients worldwide. They have 750 offices in 360 cities in 60 countries. That makes it easy for them to contact customers who move around a lot. They understand that your business will not run properly if your customers do not pay. They also understand that businesses work best in 30-day revenue cycles.

They work with businesses of all kinds. Here is a sampling of some of the collections they have done: corporate accounts, educational facilities, telephone companies, utility companies, taxes, bad checks, repossessions and even bank cards. This list proves that they have experience. They also provide these services: credit bureau reporting, a state of the art skip-tracing department and effective dunning notices.

They will even have different plans they can offer your past due customers. This will enable your customers to pay on a timely basis. In turn, you and the customer will be happy.

The collection method in a nutshell.

First, they will enter all the information on your past due customers into their database. The dunning notices will now begin. The determination on the frequency and type of dun will depend on the circumstances involving each account. You may discuss this with a company representative.

A second letter will be sent after 30 days if a payment has not been secured. The calls will keep going out.

Still no results? They will alert the credit bureaus of the bad account.

If the debtor has not responded RRS will send a certified final demand letter.

The customers really appreciate all the ways they can pay RRS. EFT, Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union. The list goes on and on.

Rapid Recovery will send a status report on a monthly bases. Weekly for larger clients.

Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. will do everything possible to see that their clients get their money. If you are interested in learning more about their operations you can reach them at: 80 Orville Drive suite 100, Bohemia, NY 11716 and by phone at 631-776-8109

Their website address is: http://www.RapidRecoverySolution.com

Rapid Recovery is so confident that they will collect your money they are willing to work for free to prove it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give RRS one shot to impress you by calling or emailing Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. today.

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