The Security of Tony Stark’s Personal Retirement Savings

Superheroes are not the kinds of characters that talk about such things as fame and fortune so willingly. After all, Spider-Man, as a struggling college student, may not have a right to do so and Captain America probably didn’t think much of money during his own era. Tony Stark, in my mind, is a unique turn on the classic superhero since he has practically more money than anyone in the city. Personal retirement savings, as a result, are not ones that should be worried about.

Tony Stark may have boatloads of money but don’t make the mistake that he’s unlikable. In fact, he may be the most likable person you can meet and his penchant of hosting parties is second to none. He simply wants to have a good time and he’s able to help others achieve that as well. Despite this party-loving demeanor, Stark understands when it’s time to get serious and that’s when a mixture of intelligence and cunning come into play for the one called Iron Man.

He can’t remain a party-goer forever, especially when you take into account just how old he is. Watch “The Avengers” and compare him to other superheroes like Steve Rogers, known as Captain America as stated before. It is clear which of them stand as the spring chickens and which of them stand as the old birds. Having said that, it might be in Stark’s best interest to utilize his extensive funds and set up a form of income to live off of for the remainder of his life.

When talking about personal retirement savings, Stark shouldn’t have to concern himself too much with the matter. After all, he probably has enough money in his account to pay for a whole team of advisors, even though only one of them is needed. He’s not exactly unlearned on the matter, either, but I suppose that should go without saying for someone who’s constructed something as intricate as the Iron Man suit and its many iterations. Even so, Stark wouldn’t be hurt by the help from companies like Savings2Income.

Stark has a great deal of popularity going for him and his life as Iron Man cannot be denied. However, it’s not going to last for the rest of his life, especially when you consider how old he was during “The Avengers.” It was a time when I pondered, “is he actually going to be able to sustain himself as a crime-fighter?” Well, Stark has shown that his intelligence knows virtually no bounds, so who’s to say that he wouldn’t be able to figure out income as well?

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