The Wealthy Affiliate Forum Reviewed

by M Romeo

If you’re looking for a great internet marketing forum. One with heart, one that will appeal to the experienced and newbies alike, Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice. I’ve been a member for over a year, and have found that Wealthy Affiliate is unlike most other internet marketing forums for a number of reasons.

The core of Wealthy Affiliate is it’s forum. It’s quite an active forum dealing with many aspects of affiliate marketing. There are usually a few hundred posts a day, and often at least 5-10 topics that get very deep and detailed.

But, no forum is complete without the personalities on the forum. Posters like Travis Sago of the, TerryB, Thadroe, Kyle, Carson, C. etc. There are very knowledgeable posters who provide awesome insight to all the realms of internet marketing.

However, there’s more than just a forum these days. One new thing is that Wealthy Affiliate offers free hosting. You can actually create a website(I’ll get to that), and host it for free right on their servers.

One of the most exciting additions to Wealthy Affiliate is their Site Rubix tool, which is a very neat website creation tool. You can create a detailed website in minutes using simple drag and drop interfaces. You don’t have to know HTML, or PHP or anything else, almost anyone can create a fully functional website in minutes. And combined with the free hosting, this truly is an awesome addition to Wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free video tutorials, and many levels of internet marketing tutorials, from the abject beginner to an internet marketer who has been around the block once or twice, there is a tutorial or three available for you. Most people start with the 8 week course.

One very interesting twist was their $500 challenge section. There was a contest where members were invited to post any of their ideas, strategies or inventions to find the best and brightest internet marketing ideas, in exchange for a grand prize of $500. If you join the board, you should definitely look here.

There is a certain level of one on one tutoring. If you contact Kyle or Carson through private message they are good at writing back within 24 hours. I’ve personally given them access to my adwords account, and they have given me little tweaks that have caused a campaign to go from a dud to a consistent $30 a day campaign. They will give input on landing pages, or almost anything affiliate marketing related.

Video tutorials, web hosting, site creation, helpful forum, and one on one coaching with the founders. Wealthy Affiliate offers a ton of helpful content for anyone looking to succeed in Internet Marketing.

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