Understanding The Basics Of Bankruptcy Document Preparation

Legal debt elimination is a lengthy process that requires a large amount administrative work. According to the federal uniform code, bankruptcy document preparation must be accurate. Failing to turn in the correct paper work in a timely manner may result in a case delay or a case dismissal.

Although the different filing chapters require different forms, they share a common form. The bankruptcy documentation volunteer petition form is used to declare a person bankrupt. This section documents the debtor’s legal information, contact information as well as information about their situation. Before submitting the paper work, the ‘filer must agree that a similar case was not filed within the past eight years. Failure to do so will result in an automatic case dismissal.

The petitioner must go back as far as eight years and list any other names used as well. For example, a person changed the last name after a divorce must list the previous spouse’s name. The petitioner must also list the type of debt and the filing chapter. The amount of debt and ability to repay the debt determines the filing chapter.

Although the law allows married couple to file separate cases concurrently, the process becomes complicated when the spouses list each other on their documentation. The same rule is true for a partner or someone else who is an affiliate of the debtor. In addition to dismissing the case, a fraudulent filing may result in legal charges.

Even though individuals are allowed to complete the paper work by hand, the filer is risking a delay in the case because the handwriting may be illegible. Compared to online bankruptcy forms, hand written forms take longer to sort through.

The forms found on line are legal documents and accepted by attorneys as well as the courts. Using the electronic method, a person has the ability to print as many forms as needed. This method also makes searching the instruction manual simpler.

In addition to the other benefits, filling out the paperwork online makes the documents appear professional. The user does not have to worry about handwriting because the information is type in the standard font and format. Bankruptcy document preparation electronically is quick and does not require extensive knowledge about computers. Certain online companies will fill out the necessary paper work on the petitioner’s behalf for an additional fee. This eliminates the stress of making sure every area is filled out correctly. It also cuts back on the time it take to read and sort through the papers.

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