Best Three Chest Building Exercises

Just like legs, building a large chest can be difficult for some people. The reason is not necessarily because the exercises are being performed wrong, but mainly because every person has a different body type. Some of us can naturally build certain muscles bigger and quicker than other folks. If you have a slow to develop chest, all is not lost. You too can have a barrelled chest with only 3 easy exercises that isolate your pectorals. Remember to stay patient and keep considering your targets, they will come!

Barbell Chest Press – Flat

The flat bench press has been used for generations as the primary chest building exercise. You do not even have to do heavy weights with the bench press to attain your muscle gains. Medium weights with a slower tempo will yield the same results. That’s not to say you can’t use heavy weights, this can be good for a change, but is not a necessity if you are just starting out.

Its beneficial to use correct form before using heavy weights with the bench press. What you want to do is lie beneath the bar to where it is at mid chest level. While gripping make sure your wrists are straight, the bar is in the palm of your hands, and your thumbs are wrapped around the bar. If your wrists aren’t locked you can cause injury to the hand and arm. Its wise to make sure the bar is not sitting on your fingers, as this is not a safe grip and will increase the risk of injury. You can also drop the bar by having a suicide thumb position as well. Safety is a priority here!

Position your body to where your chest is pushed out and your back and shoulder blades are squeezed back. A good training technique to practice this is by placing a broom stick on your spine while standing and then pinch back to hold it in place. Once your form is ready, press the bar up and keep control while always keeping your feet planted on the floor. The bar ought to be splitting the mid section of your chest. Lower the bar slowly, then as you are about to touch your chest, push the bar away from you. Flex your pecs as you are raising the bar to the top. This way you make sure your chest muscle are going to do the work.

Dumbell Press – Flat

To ensure you hit the chest from different angles, I would recommend the dumbbell press as well as the barbell press. As far as body positioning everything will be the same as the barbell chest press. How you get into position is the only difference. Grab the dumbbells and walk over to your bench. As you sit place the dumbbells on top of the meaty area of your thighs. Take a deep breath in to get ready for the lift. As you lay back onto the bench, push the dumbbells upwards and breath out. Make sure your body is in correct form and bring the weights down to where elbows just pass your body. As you press up you will do something different than you normally see. Once you press the dumbbells angle them with your wrist to where the inside portion raises up. This will place more stress on your chest muscle, creating more growth!

Chest Fly’s

When performing the chest fly your body is going to be in the same position as any chest exercise. Start with elbows slightly bent and then raise the dumbbells whilst keeping bent elbows. As you go downwards keep total control since this exercise can easily stress your chest muscles and tear them. It’s ok to keep light weights to start with. From here, raise the dumbells and bring them together in front of you, with your palms facing each other. Elbows should still be bent. This exercise hits the chest muscles at a varied angle again.

These are the best three exercises for building your chest muscles. You can mix it up by using incline and decline on the bench. The reason why they are not listed as the top is because they do not put a lot of isolation on the chest as the others. If the bench is in incline, more focus goes to your upper chest. In decline, your triceps receive more focus. Some research has even shown that decline press may not even be needed if you are already exercising with the incline press.

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