Bodybuilding Tips, Eat Extra Fiber

by Ricardo d Argence

Although it is fairly widely known that a high fibre intake is good for the body, it might not be known that body builders can benefit from this type of carb as well. Fiber, which is be derived from the cell walls of plants, can be obtained from a wide variety of sources including oat bran and other grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and psyllium.

Due to its chemical composition, humans are unable to digest fiber and it stay in one piece as moves through the digestive tract. It is in reality a carbohydrate, but it functions differently since it cannot be broken down into its simple glucose building blocks form. Although fiber is not considered an “essential” nutrient, it is important in building strength and in ensuring good overall health.

Fiber’s most known benefit is its ability to promote regular bowel movements. Why is it very important to bodybuilders? Animal meat such as chicken and beef provide one of the main sources of this protein.

If meat stays in the digestive track to long, toxins can produce and case health consequences. It is important to consume an adequate amount of fiber each day. By doing this you are ensuring that foods are breaking down normally throughout your digestive system.

An added benefit of fiber is that is slows down the rate of gastric emptying. Your stomach stays fuller longer with fiber. “Gelled” is being created in your by after eating food that contains fiber, therefore your stomech’s process slows down. The nutrients you cosume are mainly absorbed in the small intensine and are pumped into your bloodstream from there.

If you reduce the speed of food, that is transferred to the small intestine, your body will be able to extract nutrients in a much more efficient way. Fiber does two things. It aids your digestion and regulates blood sugar levels. You can decrease the chances of unnecessary insulin spikes and the unwanted storage of fat this way, for it will create a more gradual release of the sugars into the bloodstream.

This will also allow your body to increase its natural production of this powerful anabolic hormone without having to increase the consumption of simple carbohydrates. I would highly recommend that you focus on consuming around 25-35 grams of fiber each day for maximum benefits.

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