Experienced Chattanooga Podiatrists Eases Your Foot Health Concerns

In the clinic of a Chattanooga podiatrist, patients will discover a wide range of services which assist with the alleviation of pain from foot problems. The services may include help with numerous conditions, like bunions, corns, calluses, plantar fasciitis, heel fissures, achilles tendonitis, athlete’s foot, heel spurs, and arch pain. Also, specific toe problems can be effectively addressed. These conditions may include the claw, Morton, and mallet toe.

Achilles tendonitis is a degenerative condition characterized by an inflamed achilles tendon. This tendon travels down the back of the leg, and inserts into the heel. The pain associated with this condition may be shooting, piercing, or burning.

Hallux Valgux is commonly known as the bunion. It is a widespread problem which affects the region around the toes. It is recognizable as a large bump that protrudes along the big toe joint. Symptoms often include swelling, inflammation, soreness, and tenderness along the big toe. It can be caused by arthritic problems, or by repeatedly wearing very tight and restrictive shoes.

A hammer toe is contracted along the central joint. Tightened tendons and ligaments cause this joint to curl in a downward direction. All toes except the big one may be affected by the condition. It may be caused by muscular imbalances which create unnatural tightening of ligaments and tendons. Individuals with this condition may experience discomfort from the toe rubbing against shoes.

Another common ailment is Morton’s toe. It involves the second toe being bigger and longer than the first toe. Constant pressure is placed upon the second toe while walking, which can cause painful symptoms to develop. Excessive pressure along the base of the toe, on the ball of the foot, often generates pain along the entire foot.

The skilled Chattanooga podiatrist may help with many forms of foot problems. Their techniques can involve several factors, including footwear consultations and physical therapy. Also, she or he may recommend special orthotics which maintain proper foot alignment and help to support arches.

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