Bodybuilding, Weight Training Program for Beginners

by Ricardo d Argence

Are you generally beginning to gain a reputation as a muscular guy that people aspire to look like? Have you packed on at least a good 15-25 pounds of clean, muscular body weight since you began your muscle building program? Have you added at least a couple of inches or more to all of your major muscle groups?

Worrying about the smaller details of your physique is a waste of time if you didn’t easily answer “yes” to all of the above outlined questions.

If you’re still in your bodybuilding “youth” and don’t already have a considerable amount of muscle mass to show for your efforts, I would strongly suggest taking these types of questions and eliminating them from your mind until you do.

What is the reason? Don’t let trivial matters divert your attention from your immediate and important task. What is the crucial thing to accomplish at this time? The goal is to place as much muscle and strength on your body as possible.

Although it might be difficult, it is important for you to look past comparisons between your biceps and your triceps and whether your front looks as bood as your back. While additional issues may arise, there is no point in concerning yourself with them until you have sufficiently and significantly thickened up your whole body.

There is not need to obsess over details if you’re still a beginner and have been consistent in your training for less than a year. Alternatively, focus on the basic apparent issues at hand. In order to be successful in weight training, you must give yourself a realistic schedule and be consistent.

Write down every single workout that you perform and place every ounce of energy you can muster on adding as much weight to the bar on a consistent basis as you possibly can. Grind out all of the biggest, most difficult compound exercises and blast through those discomfort zones with passion and intensity.

Get yourself into the kitchen and pack in at least 5 or 6 properly balanced muscle building meals every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year.

Drink your water, get your rest and take your supplements whenever necessary. In other words: PAY YOUR DUES FIRST!

If you plan to be in this for a long time (and you should be, as there are no temporary fixes to be had here), this will get you on the most efficent path. The best way in which to proceed is usually to begin with the basics and then get more detailed later.

This is the mentality you need to bring to your bodybuilding program. Just as you wouldn’t attempt a complex guitar solo without learning basic chord shapes first, you also should not attempt to fine-tune and balance out your physique until you have a considerable amount of foundational muscle to work with first.

Building muscle does not require a degree in rocket-science but it does require consistent willpower and determination. It’s not until you’ve dug deep enough within yourself that you will have the benefits of a drastically improved and impressively-muscular body. Stop obsessing. Go to the gym and start your workout!

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