How to Achieve Massive Biceps & Triceps

by Ricardo d Argence

Everyone knows that serious lifters desire an impressive pair of muscular arms. Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of ripped, well-developed guns forcefully bursting through the sleeves of their shirt?

While developing muscular arms is usually at the top of many peoples’ agenda, the reality is that the majority of lifters out there have a very poor understanding of how to properly train their arms for maximum gains. In order to gain the proper insight into effectively stimulating arm growth, we must first recognize three basic truths:

1) Relatively speaking, the triceps and biceps are small muscle groups.

2) The biceps are strongly stimulated by any of the basic pulling exercises for the back.

3) The triceps receive heavy stimulation during all basic pressing movements for the chest and shoulders.

When attempting to gain maximum improvement in biceps and triceps size and strength, a very small amount of direct stimulation is needed.

The biceps and triceps must very importantly have a large amount of stimulation from all of the chest and back training. Direct arm training of the biceps and triceps is of minor importance since these are already small muscle groups to begin with.

Keep in mind that no muscle growth actually takes place in the gym. The work that you accomplish as you train with weights is merely the “spark” that sets the wheels of the muscle growth process into motion. When you are resting and eating out of the GYM, the real magic takes place, as synthesizing of new body muscle tissue takes place at this time.

It is vital that you do not overtrain your muscles. You must always make sure to provide them with sufficient recovery time if you want to see impressive results. Training too much can be detrimental to your muscles, causing them to weaken and shrink.

If you’re looking to achieve serious arm growth, you must stop placing so much emphasis on direct arm movements. Strong, muscular arms are mostly a product of heavy chest and back training.

Direct arm training is required, just to a lesser extent than other forms of training activity. Your arm training will become wildly successful if you can keep this in mind.

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