7 Techniques For Natural Weight Loss

by Stefane Calette

Most people ask me why they are not losing weight. They usually do some things right but for the most part, they generally do some mistakes that slow or stop their progress in losing weight.

Let me share 7 things for losing weight successfully.

1) Cut the amount of calories you eat: A lot of people have the belief that if they eat healthier food, that they can eat limitless amount of calories. Here’s the shocking truth. If you want to lose weight, you need to be aware that weight loss is simple math. Burn more calories that you eat.

2) Weight training: Weight training is probably one of the most important aspect to help you lose weight. The metabolism get faster by regular weight training and you then burn more fat when you are at rest.

3) Limiting the starchy food: Food like potatoes, rice, bread and pasta are good to give you energy. When your diet is compose of to many of these foods the body will deposit the excess calories as fat. Especially if their is a lack of activity.

4) Do your exercise in the morning: Exercising in the morning is very beneficial. It help produce powerful hormones that help burn fat and tone the body. Try to do your cardio on empty stomach. You will start using your fat reserve faster.

5) Drink more water: Water is life. Your body is around 66% water. So what do you think is more essential after fresh air? You guest it…water. Weight loss and fat loss as a lot to do with toxins trap in the body and water is one of the best remedy for expelling these toxins. So try to drink at least 12 cups a day.

6) Exercise with a friend: Training with a friend can help you a lot in achieving your weight loss goal. You can both help each other to lose weight faster by encouraging your friends when he or she doesn’t feel like training or feel like eating bad foods.

Choose a physique you like: Take a fitness magazine and try to find the type of body you would like to have. Cut it out and put it in the place that you walk by most often (like the fridge or in your home gym) this will help you focus on your weight loss goal.

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