A Simple Weight Loss Method You Might Not be Aware of!

by Joel Riley

Many people are so concerned with their looks and body weight that they would pay any price to lose weight and look good. However, they forget that there is one simple way to make sure that you never gain weight at all! Following this simple way does not cost you any money; yeah, you need to spare a little time of course. However, if you were asked to choose between working out in the gym for four hours and sparing 30 minutes for yourself, which one would you choose? If you are a busy professional, I am sure you will choose the latter option! In this article, I am going to tell you about the simple weight loss method.

What we are going to discuss here actually is just about having regular breakfast. Many people in their “rush” to the office often forget to have proper breakfast. This is an ill advised move because by doing so, you are actually promoting your body to gain more weight quicker. So instead of losing more weight by skipping breakfast, at the end of the day, you will find yourself gaining weight. This is because :-

1. Our body metabolism rate varies all the time. When we wake up, our metabolism rate is still low. With breakfast, we will begin to pick up our metabolism rate as the body start to burn the calories we consumed for more energy as we get started on our day. It is this energy which will actually help to keep us energetic throughout the whole day. If we do not jump start our metabolic rate with breakfast, then the whole day we will feel weak.

Without any breakfast, our body will have no calories to burn, so it will slow down the metabolism rate to conserve energy instead. When that happens, fats will be burnt at a slower rate leading to more deposit and accumulation on our body of those fats which are not burnt away. But when your metabolism rate is high, you will instead be able to burn away all those unwanted fats at a faster rate. That why you will not gain weight if your metabolism rate is high.

Although that is the main reason why skipping breakfast will make you gain weight, another cause of weight gain is more indirect.

2. When you skipped Breakfast, you are more likely to compensate your food intake by stopping by the fast food restaurants. We all had seen TV adverts about fast food restaurants promoting their early morning breakfasts which saves you time. However we must not forget that fast food menus are generally full of calories. So when you start to eat regularly at fast food restaurants instead of home cooked breakfast, it is not surprising that you will gain weight very quickly.

This is why you should make sure that you never skip your breakfast, even for a day. What should you eat for breakfast? You should usually eat low-calorie foods such as raw vegetables and fruits for your breakfast; breads made from whole grain wheat are also good. Also make sure that you cook your food at home, rather than ordering it from a restaurant. This way you can make sure that what you are eating is not very rich in calorie content.

Avoid having chips and soda in your breakfast: they will fill your body with loads of empty and useless calories, which will automatically be deposited in your body as fat!

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