A Weight Loss Cure That is Guaranteed to Work for Everyone

by Robert Kaufman

Is there a weight loss cure that will allow us to lose the weight we want? Well, there is no exact cure as every individual is built differently, eats differently and does different things throughout the day. However there is one thing that comes pretty close to a cure and that is fitness walking.

Fitness walking is designed specifically to raise the heart rate. Raising the heart rate increases the body’s energy consumption and helps to burn more calories. This is very important because when the body requires more energy, it will first look for it from the food most recently eaten. If it can not find it there, it will then take it from the stored body fat. Diets operate differently because they burn muscle first. This is because the body is not putting forth any extra energy, it is simply consuming fewer calories. Because fitness walking will help the body burn stored fat it is even helpful for belly fat loss as well as overall fat loss.

Walking is the ultimate fat loss for idiots program because almost everyone can walk. Since all that is required is the placing of one foot in front of the other, it is definitely a foolproof form of exercise. However, determining how many calories are burned when walking is not as simple since there are several factors to consider in the calculation.

Weight is the first item to look at in our calorie burning calculation. Determining how much you currently weigh will affect how many calories you burn when walking. Studies have shown that those who carry more weight will burn more calories because their bodies require more energy to bear the weight. This is great news for people who are really heavy, but no so great for those who are only mildly overweight. This is where one weight loss secret comes in handy. In order to compensate for being lighter and get the same benefits from fitness walking as a heavier person, you can add some weights around your ankles to help increase the load you must carry. As you lose weight you can add additional weights to keep the weight loss steady.

Another factor to consider is how fast a person walks. This is the second leading factor in determining how many calories will be burned, the faster a person walks, the more calories he or she will burn. This is because people who walk faster get their heart rate up higher than people who walk slower. When the heart beats fast it raises the metabolism which ultimately will help burn more calories, not just during workouts but also long afterwards.

Where you walk is an additional item to factor into your calculation. When you walk, you can either walk uphill, downhill, or on a flat surface. The harder your body has to work, the more calories you will lose. So it would be ideal if you could find a place to walk uphill. Walking downhill, on the other hand, will cause you to not lose as many calories because your body is hardly working.

Another factor in your weight loss equation is how much sleep you are getting. One weight loss secret is based on our energy consumption. Our energy is the life force that will cause us to lose fat or gain fat. When we get enough sleep the night before, our body will function fine the next day. If we do not get enough sleep, our bodies will start to break down, our energy levels drop and then we compensate for that tired feeling by eating more to stay alert. The key to losing weight is to keep your energy up because that will help you lose your useless fat. So make sure you get a good night sleep when you are trying to lose weight.

Fitness walking is the weight loss cure that many people are seeking. It has several factors that will help you burn more calories and thus you will be losing more fat. In order to burn the most fat possible while fitness walking just make sure to get plenty of sleep, walk with extra ankle weights, walk up hill, and walk fast.

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