Be Careful About Using Weight Loss Laxatives

by Emily Schwartz

Many slimming teas today contain weight loss laxative ingredients within them that you don’t realize that are there. Although that can help you to lose weight you may be unaware of what effect they can have on your body and health overall.

Okay, one of the benefits of drinking such teas is that your bowel movements are more frequent, which may give you the impression that you are ridding your body of toxins and waste that are harmful to it. It can also be bringing in those which are in fact harmful to it as well.

Although herbs such as Senna, Aloe, Cascara, Buckthorn and Rhubarb Root have been used for centuries to treat constipation, recent studies have shown that using laxatives to stimulate bowel movements doesn’t allow the body to absorb enough calories it needs to function.

Laxatives effect the small intestine rather than the large one and it is the small intestine which absorbs calories to pass through the body to use. This also means that they can effect just how much fat the body absorbs. But although they work in helping a person to lose weight if used to excess they can result in other health problems including softening of bones and the gastrointestinal tract becoming irreversibly damaged.

People tend to use these kinds of products over other forms of laxative as they taste much nicer and cost quite a bit less. Plus for some people it gives them a way of getting immediate results in relation to their weight but could prove something of a problem for those who suffer with anorexia or other eating disorders.

Certainly for pregnant women these weight loss laxative teas could affect their pregnancy and may cause problems if they are trying to conceive. Although there is no proof that they affect a woman’s menstrual cycle or their fertility, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you do intend to use slimming teas to help lose weight then it is important that you carefully read the labels on each product to find out what ingredients they contain. Often rather than labeling a product as a laxative tea the manufacturer will label it as a product that contains natural bowel cleansing properties. But the problem with these is that they contain little or no calories and nutrients which the body needs.

Also if you use weight loss laxative teas for any period of time they can cause unwanted side effects. From nausea, to vomiting, to diarrhea, to stomach cramps, to dehydration, to electrolyte disorders and fainting spells. Also if used for many years they can cause problems to your colon which may require it having to be removed completely.

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