Burning Body Fat, Low-Fat Diets Will Not Help You

by Ricardo d Argence

If you want a lean, appealing physique, you probably think your ideal diet objective is to lower your fat intake drastically. But, diets that focus on the extreme restriction of fat consumption are actually counter-productive to your fat burning results. Here are five valid reasons:

1) Diets low in fat will inherently have a higher sugar level. Each gram of fat contains 9 calories so if you limit your fat intake, you will need to make up the calories by eating more porteins and carbohydrates.

For many people, this can mean upping their consumption of fruits, breads, pastas as well as other items that are low in fat yet very high in sugar. Although your body requires a certain amount of glucose to fuel its daily tasks, any excess that isn’t needed and cannot be stored in the muscles for future use will simply be stored as fat.

2) Increased cravings and hunger pangs are caused by low-fat diets. Not only does the addition of dietary fat provide a more “filling” effect from the meals that you eat, but since your carbohydrate consumption is now naturally higher, your blood sugar levels and insulin production will be in overdrive. When your blood sugar is constantly increasing and decreasing, your body reacts by storing fat, increasing your appetite, and lowering your energy level.

3) A low fat diet will lower your testosterone. Not only does testosterone have an important role in burning fat, it also helps build lean muscle tissue. Diets that focus on significant reductions in fat consumption also produce a measurable negative effect on testosterone production.

4)) By eating low fat foods it increases the rate of body fat storage. Your body is a far more complex and intricate “machine” than you might think, and it has all sorts of defensive survival mechanisms in place to deal with stressful situations. If you drastically lower your consumption of fat, you body interprets this as a possible survival risk because fat is a basic energy source. A slowdown in fat-burning metabolism will result as the body makes necessary adjustments to maintain the present fat reserves, so, fat storage is accelerated by a rise in hormones.

5) Diets that are low in fat are not good for your health. Dietary fat is a requirement for maintaining a healthily functioning body. Forget about your concerns with storing body fat; if you deprive your body of the fat it needs to keep you alive and healthy, you will inevitably cause problems.

It’s not fat itself that is the enemy; it’s simply consuming the wrong types of fat, and consuming it in excessive amounts. Any excess of a particular nutrient can, however, lead to storage as body fat.

A healthy goal is for everyone to limit saturated fats from aminal sources and increase unsaturated fats from plant sources. This favorable form of fat provides a whole host of powerful fat burning, muscle building and overall health benefits and should make up the vast majority of your daily fat intake.

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