Can Hypnosis Really Help You Lose Weight?

by Robert Kaufman

Chances are that you have probably heard all the hype surrounding hypnosis and weight loss by now. Are they really connected? And if so, is hypnosis a good way to lose weight? Well, let’s think about this scientifically. Your body weight is just mass, and mass is related to energy. Energy is just a name for the moving particles at various frequencies through space. Hypnosis is a force that alters the frequencies of energy in your brain.

People have long suspected a link between hypnosis and weight loss, but now we have scientific theory to back it up. Science still does not understand everything about how energy works, but knowing the basics is enough to see that hypnosis can affect our body weight.

Now you say hello, let’s talk about fat loss 4 idiots ok. Imagine you are fat and hypnotized and no one bothers to get you out of your trance for a week. Is there a chance you would have lost some weight? Hmmm but is that how it works? Not really.

Hypnosis and weight loss represent the body as mental and physical conditions respectively. The mind drives the body. When you are busy at work, you sometimes forget lunch. When you have nothing to think of (like watching TV), you munch away like there as no tomorrow.

Can hypnosis help you not to feel hungry? Sure, it can. A lot of business executives and professional people use a form of self hypnosis every day. They train their brains to function without eating lunch because that is the busiest time of their day. This is just how hypnosis works, but on a smaller scale. Hypnosis is giving a suggestion to your mind to think and feel a different way. It all works very logically.

Under the careful supervision of a trained hypnotist who knows what he or she is doing, a person under hypnosis can explore childhood experiences. Metaphysics maintains that negative energy over past traumatic experience is sometimes bottled up in the body as fat. If you resolve leftover feelings from childhood, the fat will melt away. It requires the patient to be introspective and willing to talk about negative emotions, but in time it does work.

Another common reason for fat to accumulate is the mental signals we generate in the body. Everyday a friend of mine would not have breakfast. I read somewhere that by doing so she was telling her body “buddy I haven’t eaten in 16 hours” (10pm dinner to 2 PM lunch). The brain takes that as starvation. So the brain generates fatty cells to protect her body from starving. No way skipping breakfast was helpful to her weight loss goals.

Hypnosis and weight loss are really just two sides of the same coin. There is no magic cure for being overweight, but letting hypnosis alter the energy of your body and suggest to your mind and send different signals to the body is a proven method to help shed those extra pounds. Try it out it might be your personal answer.

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