Dangers of Obesity and its affects on Diabetes

by Louise Servage

Television channels today are constantly churning out more news about the perils of diabetes and its rise in the population in the United States. Thus it hardly surprises anyone to learn that obesity and diabetes are closely linked to one another.

The truth is that the leading cause of diabetes is obesity. When you look at the two together you will no doubt find that obesity does more than make diabetes it is also associated with all manner of diseases such as heart disease, strokes and heart attack.

The Centre for disease control has let it be known that they think that obesity and diabetes are so interrelated that they think obesity is the real NO1 reason people get Diabetes.

With the size of the problem growing, simply by looking at official figures being released by the SURGEON General which show that the size of people ( and the problem) has doubled compared to a decade ago. There is a direct correlation between weight and the growth of type 2 diabetes and now people are getting worried.

Wrong Food Choices

To find out why people are becoming more diabetic we simply need to get to the root of the problem and find the real reason why diabetes and obesity go hand in hand. You only actually have to look at the food people consume.

One of the most detrimental things to ones health is fast food, this is because it is generally full of fat, carbs and calories and these intern combine to cause you to put on weight, which is why we are here writing about this today, fat diets cause obesity which causes diabetes

Bad Exercise Choices

When your intake includes both fast food and softies, the problem is increased much more because soda contains massive amounts of sugar as well as carbs. This will lead you to becoming overweight and a diabetic. When you combine these types of food groupings into your daily intake you will become obese.

The 3RD factor that bring on obesity and diabetes is people that consume in such a way, also tend to forget exercise which then contributes to both obesity and diabetes and to even cause certain heart problems as well.

There you have it, your best interest are served by you becoming educated about obesity and diabetes and if you are at risk of get either disease. Don’t become lax stay aware for warning signs. You need to know that too much sugar will make you obese and most likely cause diabetes. Also remember that the old afternoon hamburger when not kept in moderation will do more harm than good and that this may actually be a triggering factor so to be safe keep everything in moderation.

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