Fat Weight Loss

by Margaret Ann

The only way you can get rid of body fat is when your energy used is more than the energy you put into your body. What this means is that you must burn more energy by being active and eating less high calorie foods.

Body fat weight loss can be achieved in a number of ways including many unhealthy ways. You want your weight loss to be natural and healthy as this is the best way to avoid many health problems later in life. Weight loss is about creating healthy eating habits and not about starving yourself.

Drinking lots of water, eating correctly and exercise are the three important things to accomplish body fat weight loss. To detoxify your body is a vital step towards body fat loss as it gets rid of the free radicals that causes your body to hold onto fat. Carbinated drinks, tea and coffee act as a diuretic and expels much needed water from your body. This causes your body to dehydrate and it signals you that it’s thirsty but you read the signals as being hungry.

Eating five small healthy portions of food speeds up your metabolism which aids in body fat loss. Lessing your calorie intake and speeding up your metabolism is vital to body weight loss. Starving yourself only causes your body to hold onto fat and eating three meals a day does not speed up your metabolism enought to achieve body fat loss.

There is no calories in vegetables and they contain fiber that eliminates waste products from your body. They contain nutrients that help your body stay at optimal performance which helps you with body fat weight loss.

Snack on fruit, it has a lot of fiber and is filling. It also contains the vitamins you need for a healthy life style.

Not eating breakfast in the morning is a mistake that many dieters make. Eating breakfast at least half an hour after waking up gets your metabolism up and runnning. Every meal after that should be taken two hours later and should be small and contain a fruit or yogurt or a whole-wheat sandwich. Eating small portions of food every two hours keep your metabolism running on hight which aids body fat loss.

You keep eating every two hours until the evening meal. Your evening meal must be light and consists of one protein and vegetables. Pasta’s and starches are heavy and must be avoided in the evening. All starches must not be eaten after one o clock so if you crave starches eat it as a mid-morning snack.

An important source of energy is fat and should not completely be excluded from your diet. The build up of muscle and exercise is needed to lose weight. Body fat burns less energy than muscle so the more muscle you have the faster fat is burned. Eating fish that contains omega-3 is essential for a healthy body.

Exercising starts changing your body and makes it a better fat burning machine. Body fat weight loss without exercise will make you lose bone mass and muscle. This is not your aim, combing exercise and a weight loss program is the ideal way to gain the body you want. You should exercise at least three times a week and should last for half an hour. See exercising as your body fat loss weight loss friend as it improves your metabolism and burns unwanted calories.

For thirty minutes each day should be spent walking briskly to aid you in your body fat weight loss. There are a number of cardiovascular exercises that you can do such as swimming, aerobics, kick-boxing and cycling. These all increase your heart rate and gives you stamina. Exercise also helps with dealing with stress better. You can only enhance your life with proper nutrition and life is far more enjoyable. Body fat weight loss needs the proper knowledge of nutrition and a good exercise program.

Health professionals all advise that the best and natural way in losing body is accomplished through a low fat and calorie intake and a good exercise program and keeping it as a life-style. Body fat weight loss asks for your commitment and lots of self-discipline and it does not happen over night. Like all good things in life it takes time but is worth it in the long run.

Obsession can get out of control when it comes to body fat weight loss and can create many eating disorders such as anorexia. The use of laxatives has also a become a problem and it causes havoc to the body as it steals the vital nutrients from the body.

You need the support of your family and friends to lose weight and a little extra help. It can be done, don’t give up, don’t accept that nothing can be done for you. Body fat weight loss is obtainable for anyone who wants to. For more help please feel free to visist:

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