Getting Motivated to Loose Weight

by Robert Kaufman

Losing weight is simple. The simple weight loss secret is this: eat less, eat better and exercise more. Simple is not the same thing as easy. Not by far. Losing weight requires you to get into a pattern and stick with it.

Old habits die hard. And if you are used to eating junk and skipping physical exercise, it will be really easy for you to rationalize skipping that trip to the gym today because you are tired or eating dessert because it’s a “special occasion.” Often we let go of our long-term goals for short-term gratification.

First, one must weight themselves every day. This is fat loss 4 idiots. This provides constants feedback. Knowing that one is going to have to measure themselves in 24 hours can lead to greater focus. It can be that little tickle at the back of your brain as you are about the break your diet.

Second, you need to focus on a long term goal. A goal weight, a waist size – whatever will focus your mind. You want to remind yourself about your goal a couple of times a day. Once again you need to remind yourself of your long term goals so

Find a picture that represents your goal and put it in a central location that youall see often, like your fridge, your computer, or your wallet. If you are opening the fridge to reach for something to eat, seeing that picture reminding you of your weight loss goal might make you think twice. Keeping a picture in your wallet makes sure that you see it every time you open it. Pick an outfit that you want to be able to wear once youare at your goal size and hang it on your bedroom door as a reminder.

Also make sure that you have a few supportive confidants. Explain you plans and outline your goal. Encourage your friend to ask you about your progress regularly. Use peer pressure to your advantage. If you need to report your progress to your friends at regular intervals, you’ll stick with your diet and exercise plan. You wouldn’t want to let your friends down.

Some common pitfalls are getting sidetracked by short-term successes and comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are in this for the long haul, not just to succeed in losing a few pounds and then gaining it all back. And forget about others. Comparing yourself to someone else will only make you feel bad.

What it takes is breaking your long-term goal up into lots of small, manageable steps. Measure your progress daily. Enlist the help of friends. Real weight loss takes time so be patient and stick with it. Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal and you’ll be able to push yourself until you achieve your dreams.

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