How to Lose Stomach Fat In No Time

by xylo wansti

If you need to know how to lose stomach fat, then this article will shed 5 simple tips you can do now to shrink your stomach fat for good-

1. Establish your priorities – before starting your fat loss journey, make sure you are not distracted by other external factors like relationship or financial problems. These can often take up a lot of mental and physical energy, setting you up for failure. If you are unhappy with other aspects of your life you are less likely to succeed with your fat loss journey. So make sure your mind is at peace.

2. As much as possible, eat natural, pure, whole and fresh foods. There is no substitute for organics. It’s simply more nutritious and better for your body. Consider buying foods that are organically grown, without exposure to insecticides or chemical sprays. If possible try to skip foods that are refined, as most of these processed foods are stripped of nutritional value!

3. Re plan your plate – change the balance of what you eat by filling half your plate at lunchtime and dinner with non starchy vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato and any green leaf options such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach and cabbage. Divide the remaining half equally between lean protein (trimmed meat, fish, tofu or low fat dairy) and low GI Carbs (such as wholemeal pasta or sweet potato) for weight loss and a full tummy. By replacing half a cup of starch or protein each day with non starchy veggies, you can lose up to 3kg of fat over a year!

4. Have a power snack. It is advisable not to go grocery shopping when you are feeling hungry. Having a small snack packed with energy before you go is highly recommended. This means you will be less likely to grab impulse items that might be high in fat, sugar and calories. Suggested snacks are a large banana, low fat yogurt, whole-wheat crackers with low fat cheese and tomato, or a bowl of low fat, low sugar cereal. Alternatively, if you go to the shops soon after a main meal, when you’re feeling quite full, it is much less likely you will succumb to buying those tempting desserts or high fat, packaged foods that you don’t necessary need.

5. Never eat straight from a multi-serve packet or container – always serve the amount you intend to eat into a separate dish or cup, or buy single portion sized packs. The bigger the packet you serve from, the more you tend to eat.

These are just some of the steps to combating weight loss. It all boils down to how committed you are to your goals and how willing you are to make some positive changes to the way you live. Weight loss is about effort – effort in improving the way you eat, effort in staying active, effort in being consistent and effort at being patient with your fat loss. If you allow yourself time – you will lose stomach fat and improve your health!

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