How to Lose Weight In a Hurry : 5 SureFire Tips

by Jolene Oh

Do you want to lose weight in a hurry? Then this article is for you. Read on to find out how to lose weight and burn stomach fat fast!

1. Eat fresh and plan your meals by cooking your own. This will give you total control on what you put into your body. Try to plan 3 to 4 days worth of meals – that way you will reduce the chance of ordering take outs and fast foods. It’s these kinds of foods that will stack on the unwanted calories and belly fat. And when you shop, opt for the fresh wholesome foods and less of the processed foods. Remember, you can’t out-train a bad diet, but you can out-plan bad habits. So set 2 hours on the weekend to prepare as many of your fat burning meals as possible for the week ahead.

**2. Get a weight loss partner – a social network or a biddy system is a great way to combat fat. Like team sports, team mates can support and motivated you on to achieve your goals. You need support from others to stick to your workouts, to make the right diet choices day-in and day-out and to have someone prop you up when you are feeling down and also to “call you out” when you are feeling like cutting corners.

3. Reduce your favorite treats, but don’t cut it off completely. Food is all about enjoying it in moderation – instead of eating ice cream every night, cut it down to once very three days – or better yet, once a week. You may not have the will power to say no to everything delicious, but you can limit the amount you eat. This alone may cut a few hundred calories a week. You can also do the opposite and only allow yourself one splurge item. Say no to everything tempting, but pick one thing you can’t live without. If you eat healthy all week, treat yourself to your favorite treat during weekends.

**4. Keep track of what you eat and know what you are eating every day. Often people grab quick snacks and an extra bite of something and don’t realize how many calories they are adding to their daily intake. One way to know what you’re really eating is to have a journal that you keep with you and jot down everything that goes into your mouth.

**5. Read the labels and substitute as necessary to increase the nutrition in the food you eat. But don’t just blindly add a low fat option without checking that the manufacturer hasn’t simply substituted sugar for fat. The better options are Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain cereals. All of these are easy substitutes and can improve the taste of the dish you are cooking – they have less of the original product removed in the manufacturing process, which leaves more taste available for you.

If losing weight interests you, implement the 5 steps above. and over time. get more tips to improve your health. Now that you have a game plan, take action, be consistent with your new found habits – and take care of your body! This is really how to lose weight and burn stomach fat.

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