How to Lose Your Tummy and Keep Your Outlook Sunny

by Teresa Brown

Sometimes stereotypes make sense like: size does matter or faster is better! Losing pregnancy weight isn’t rocket science especially if you get the basics down. Follow these two stereotypes to burn the baby fat faster.

Size does count:

When sitting down to family dinners try and make sure you watch your portion sizing. In North America people often overload their plates with too much food and even go for seconds. With fast food places super sizing even their small sizes and introducing larger portion meals, it’s hard to eat light. It can be even harder to lose your tummy when you can eat around the clock with late night take-out windows and 24 hour dining.

With portion sizing you can control and balance your caloric intake. In this way you will see if you are missing your protein or eating too many greens. Portion sizing helps you to eat what you want but in moderation. You can have some carbs and a serving of sugar like toast and honey as long as you balance it.

Quality not Quantity:

You can shorten your workout sessions by doing quality fat burning exercises. Lose your tummy by speeding up your strides during your cardio. High intensity interval training will boost your metabolism and improve your endurance. Challenge yourself with quick sprints spread throughout your jogs.

By challenging yourself and pushing your cardio harder you will strengthen your heart and have your muscles burning calories for you all day. Boosting your metabolism is the beginning of burning the baby fat. Quick Cardio sets through out the day will help you lose the pregnancy weight faster!

Moms, you can lose your tummy by following these old stereotypes. There is nothing new under the sun and sometimes the latest schemes are just traps into expensive gym bills or crazy diet fads. Try and stay positive while sticking to your plan and always have fun!

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