Is Hypnosis a Remedy For Weight Loss

by Robert Kaufman

Are you one of those who wonder if there could be a weight loss cure in hypnosis? Here is good news. Your weight is mere mass and mass is related to energy as Einstein proved. Energy is defined by frequencies of particle movement and hypnotic forces can alter these frequencies.

People have long suspected a link between hypnosis and weight loss, but now we have scientific theory to back it up. Science still does not understand everything about how energy works, but knowing the basics is enough to see that hypnosis can affect our body weight.

Maybe you are a little confused about how weight loss hypnosis actually works. Is an overweight person put under hypnosis and just left there for a week? Will they lose some weight that way? Probably not. Hypnosis for weight loss doesn’t work that way.

Hypnosis represents the mental condition of the body, and weight loss represents the physical condition of the body. Did you know that your mind completely controls your body? For instance, when you are preoccupied with something else you often will forget to eat at dinnertime. But when your mind preoccupied like when you are vegging out in front of the television, you can snack on loads of junk food and not even realize it.

So can you use hypnosis to not feel hungry? Sure. Many sales people I know (myself included at one time) self-program to skip lunch or live off a juice in the afternoon. Not many sales execs are fat, you’d agree. Self-programming is a hypnotic suggestion to the mind. No mumbo jumbo stuff!

Under the careful supervision of a trained hypnotist who knows what he or she is doing, a person under hypnosis can explore childhood experiences. Metaphysics maintains that negative energy over past traumatic experience is sometimes bottled up in the body as fat. If you resolve leftover feelings from childhood, the fat will melt away. It requires the patient to be introspective and willing to talk about negative emotions, but in time it does work.

Another common reason for fat to accumulate is the mental signals we generate in the body. Everyday a friend of mine would not have breakfast. I read somewhere that by doing so she was telling her body “buddy I haven’t eaten in 16 hours” (10pm dinner to 2 PM lunch). The brain takes that as starvation. So the brain generates fatty cells to protect her body from starving. No way skipping breakfast was helpful to her weight loss goals.

In summary, there is a clear relationship between hypnosis and weight loss. Try it out, find what works for you, and have a big picture point of view. If you are serious about your weight loss, then you’ll find that hypnosis could be just the leg up you are looking for.

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