It’s Never too Late to Lose the Pregnancy Weight

by Teresa Brown

It’s hard being a new Mom and still trying to be your pre-baby self. Your body has changed and you don’t have as much time to workout. The key to looking great comes easy when you start with the basics. Here are the ABC’s of losing the pregnancy weight.

A is for Arms and Abs:

Going for a run and climbing a stair master won’t trim your tummy completely. Incorporating resistance training and free weights into your exercise routine will help lose the pregnancy weight faster. Getting a toned, lean body comes more easily once you do some light weight lifting.

Getting your hands on some free weights, as well, will work those muscles and burn calories faster. You can burn the baby fat by burning through reps and sets of weight lifting and be done in 15 minutes.

B is for Blueberries:

Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing all the good stuff. Broccoli is important but you also have to eat whole grains, lean meats and healthy snacks. Eating is often the one area people who are getting fit seem to forget. How often do we fall off the fitness bandwagon by substituting a healthy meal for a “Big Mac” believing we can work it off later. But let’s not forget that if you want to look great you have to eat healthy.

Often new Moms try and block out carbs in hopes of lowering their caloric intake. This is a mistake – it’s vital that the body gets all the food groups to balance out what your muscles needs like protein and carbohydrates. You can exercise all you want but without a healthy diet you won’t effectively lose the pregnancy weight for the long term.

C is for Caridovascular:

You’ve just done some sit ups and you’ve had your power smoothie chalk full of nutrients, now it’s time for some cardio. You don’t have to spend hours at the fitness club. Why? Because in order to lose the pregnancy weight you should be boosting your metabolism with short bursts of high intensity cardio.

Interval training helps make sure your body doesn’t get used to what you are doing. If you do the same walk around the block every day the calories you burn for that walk will plateau and so will your weight loss. But if you mix it up with light jogs or heavy hikes you will challenge your system. Try and do little sprints within your workout to push yourself and increase your heart rate.

With the ABC’s of fitness you are starting with the basics and thereby laying the foundation to live a healthy lifestyle. These ABCs are crucial to the success of losing the baby fat. Many Moms only do two out of three or even just one and never see the results they want. Keep these three in mind when setting up your schedule and remember when you go Fab, you can’t go back to Flab!

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