Look Simply Divine by 2009!

by Gail M. Davis

Here we are again, rapidly approaching another new year! Did you achieve your resolutions from 2008? No? Me neither, but the good news is there’s still time! An excellent weight loss eating plan, some minor lifestyle changes, a good exercise program…that’s all you need to be simply divine by 2009!

Your first order of business is to find a weigh loss-eating plan that you believe you can stick to. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Most of them work as long as you follow them. You must be consistent over time…that is the key to real weight loss! Burn more calories than you consume and remain faithful to your plan! Your body will thank you for it later.

Clear out the unhealthy and tempting items from your cupboards and refrigerator and stock up on food items that will help you reach your goal! When choosing your plan, you can go the recommended healthier route and consume foods from the major food groups in smaller amounts, or you can choose to follow one of the many “drastic diets” designed for rapid weight loss. It’s up to you, but choose one that you believe you can stick to.

Here are several additional tips to help you be divine by 2009. First of all, limit your alcohol consumption between now and the New Year celebration! Alcohol slows weight loss and lowers your defenses when it comes to making wise food choices. Secondly, make water your main beverage of choice and your major source of hydration. All sweet drinks, including diet sodas should be limited to special occasions!

Limit your salt and sugar intake as well. Salt makes you retain fluid and too much can cause serious health concerns such as high blood pressure. Some people like to use “lite” salt and others just make a point of cutting back. Sugar, on the other hand provides empty calories, with no nutritional benefit. In addition, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. Too much sugar can also lead to health issues such as diabetes.

No plan of improvement would be complete without discussing activity! To be divine in ’09, you’ve got to simply burn more calories than you consume. Formal exercise in the way of cardio training, strength training, and flexibility training is ideal. Cardio burns the most calories but strength training lays the foundation for lean muscle mass and a monster metabolism! Sweating and huffing and puffing are a necessity! If you simply aren’t going to do that, then you must look for ways to be more active in your daily routine.

Start the New Year as a stronger, happier, healthier you! Following these basic steps for the remainder of 2008, will help you morph into what you’ve always wanted to be…simply divine in 2009!

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