Lose Weight In 7 Days With the Cabbage Soup Diet

by Ann Huz

Maintaining weight loss may surely be a hard process. This causes dieters to continue looking for other speedier techniques to lose the fat. And one of those techniques is known as the Cabbage Soup diet which claims to aid weight watchers in dropping off extra weight speedily. The diet is explained later for those wanting to follow it to shed the pounds.

The Cabbage Soup diet is easy to understand. For a period of a week, you have only cabbage soup along with certain foods that are listed later. The Cabbage Soup diet is different from many other diets because you do not need to alter your lifestyle. Once the diets ends, you simply go back to your regular eating habits. Many people like this because they do not have to remain on a long-term diet.

As you will certainly discover, many kinds of cabbage soup recipe variations can easily be found, especially on the vast Internet. Some recipes are great because they include various ingredients, while others are very basic which, although they may be easy to make, might not be too palatable. The important thing is to choose one that suits your tastes. This is because you do not want to end up stopping the diet if you find the recipe gets too bland.

A limited variety of foods are permitted to be taken together with the cabbage soup. As an example, every day for 1 week, dieters are to eat cabbage soup together with the these foods:

Day One: fruit

Day Two: vegetables

Day Three: vegetables, fruit

Day Four: skim milk, bananas

Day Five: beef, tomatoes

Day Six: beef, vegetables

Day Seven: vegetables, fruit, brown rice

When the 7 day dieting period is up, dieters are back to their normal eating habits. Naturally, they hope to be less heavy than they were on the day they commenced the diet.

Dieters have reported varying results. Some say they dropped off up to 10 lbs, but only for a short while as most of the weight returned when the person returned to their previous eating patterns. Others felt tired while on the diet. Lastly, a few say they didn’t experience any major effects.

There are many quick weight loss plans around. But to lose weight permanently, do not look for unproven diet fads. Accomplishing lasting weight loss involves consistently eating healthy foods and having plenty of exercise or physical activity.

Sadly, in losing weight, a large number of dieters look for ways to quickly drop off the pounds. They end up trying out unhealthy diets that can bring about potential harm. It’s best to stick to a healthy diet, preferably one that is monitored by a health expert so you can lose weight safely and permanently.

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